I am a professional C# ASP.NET back end developer based in Oxfordshire. I have worked with C# ASP.NET since January 2015, but I have used other technologies in the past, such as PHP and MySQL (LAMP).

Some of the projects that I have been involved with include eCommerce sites for major UK brands and conveyancing data systems for the legal sector. Projects such as these have encompassed a number of technologies, which have provided me with a range of expertise and skills.

My education includes a 1st class BSc Honours degree in computer sciences.



Technologies That I Use

Development software and technologies used throughout my personal and professional capacity.

Microsoft Visual Studio
I’ve used Visual Studio since 2010 professional edition and used the subsequent releases.
Microsoft SQL Server
My experience ranges from writing complex eCommerce queries to diagnosing issues on live production databases.

Xamarin Logo
Xamarin Forms
Used to build cross-platform mobile phone and tablet applications.
App Center Logo
App Center
A powerful way to distribute, control and analyse mobile apps throughout their development cycle.
GitHub Logo
Version control of source code.
OAuth 2.0
Open Authorisation without giving away your passwords.
An incredibly useful tool for sandbox testing and writing tools to help with development.
Experience with Kentico from versions 6 to 9. These have provided the necessary CMS frameworks for some client websites.
Node Package Manager
For a lot of sites, including this one, I’ve used NPM to provide a means of installing the necessary frameworks to build and maintain the Front End.
An incredibly powerful tool that I’ve used for multiple projects and build scripts.

Anyone has done Front End work has probably heard of Gulp or Grunt. It is a fantastic tool, when combined with other packages that can be used for all manner of automated tasks.

Tortoise SVN
Whilst nowadays I tend to use Bitbucket, a git solution for professionals. I have used Tortoise in previous roles and still use it today for personal projects.
I follow the HTML 5 and the W3C standards quite closely. Cross browser testing is something that I consider to be very important.
Need I say more about CSS?
How CSS should have been implemented from the start!
One of my favourite front-end frameworks that allows scripts to be loaded only when they are required.