Below are some of my recent blog articles.



Connecting App to Visual Studio Localhost API

In the realm of mobile app development, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) play a pivotal role, acting as the bridge between the app and other computer systems. Whilst developing an API for a mobile app, it maybe necessary to run the solution on a local development computer, for the purpose of testing and debugging, before it […]

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Download All SSRS Reports using PowerShell

There is a nice easy way to download all SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports in one go. It can be achieved by using PowerShell and the SOAP API that exists for SSRS. Create a new file in Notepad. Add the script further down to new Notepad file. Update SSRS URI and Report Download Location. […]

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Convert Boolean to Yes/No in XAML

On user interfaces, it maybe necessary to present a user-friendly version of a Boolean value. I.e. Instead of true or false, it is presented as yes or no. With Xamarin Forms and MVVM XAML bindings, it is possible to add converters on bindings. As can be seen in this example, it is really easy to […]

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Connect remotely to Apple Mac from PC Visual Studio (Xamarin)

When developing mobile apps using a Xamarin project within Visual Studio, there is a choice of three platforms; Android, Apple iOS and Windows Mobile. However, as any developer will soon realise, whilst it is possible to build a cross platform application, it is not possible to work on all three platforms without the correct hardware. […]

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Convert to Relative Time

Displaying date and time on a user interface is useful, but it is not always the most user-friendly way to present information. Imagine a social media website, which displays recent comments, but displays the date and time when a photo or comment was published. It requires more than just a quick glance to work out […]

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