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Convert to Relative Time

Displaying date and time on a user interface is useful, but it is not always the most user-friendly way to present information. Imagine a social media website, which displays recent comments, but displays the date and time when a photo or comment was published. It requires more than just a quick glance to work out […]

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Auto-Formatting UK Postcodes and validation

If you were to ask a user to provide a postcode little or no validation on, you would probably find that a postcode such as OX26 6XE would end up as something like Ox266xe or ox2 66xe. For some applications, this maybe acceptable. But for others, especially when integrating with address APIs, formatting maybe crucial. […]

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Improving MVVM INotifyPropertyChanged

With a project that uses MVVM (Model-View-View Model) design pattern, INotifyPropertyChanged is often used to detect a property value change in an object. This is particularly pertinent as far as creating a two-way data binding. Typical Implementation Normally, the INotifyPropertyChanged is implemented in a similar pattern to the code below. This is something that makes […]

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Time-based One Time Password

A nice easy-to-use RFC-6238 based algorithm, that provides a HMAC-based One-Time Password authentication. The algorithm is based on one outlined in this article here. The interval is in seconds. It dictates how long before a TOTP expires. For example, if a TOTP is generated at 14:20 and the interval is 120 seconds. The TOTP will […]

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